Sunday, 19 October 2014

The 'Perk' That Lifted Me Sky High

There I was, walking on the road, enveloped by darkness. Darkness within, darkness without.  Tons of thoughts churning my mind.  Despondency, confusion, disappointment, wrenching my heart; having an intense dialogue with God and praying to be shown the way.  Praying for some sort of a sign or message to confirm that I was on the right path and what I was going through will pass and all will be well.

At that moment, everything in my life seemed to be lagging to the extent that the laptop I was working on had also suddenly decided to act up and not work the way I wanted it to.  Sometimes technology has this uncanny knack of crashing when you need it the most. So though it was late evening, off I was to deliver the laptop to my software engineer who on many occasions with his friendly and timely support had pulled me out of sticky situations like these.

I entered the building and informed the watchman where I wanted to go and as I was about to enter the elevator two little girls (sisters) carrying small back packs hurriedly raced me to the elevator and triumphantly got in first - chirpy and cheerful. Although their happy aura seemed to barely have an effect on me, their bubbling energy was infectious enough to draw my attention towards them. I quickly stole a glance at them and stood back determined to hold on to my sullenness as if it was a sin to let it go.

As the elevator began it’s ascent with the three of us huddled in to reach our respective floors, I could see our reflection in the mirror and suddenly noticed one of the girls turning to her sister and excitedly nodding her head as if asking for her approval to do something and immediately getting back a vehement nod saying yes.  

What followed was unbelievably overwhelming. I heard a tiny sweet voice calling out, “Aunty!” As I turned to her she smiled brightly and continued, “Here’s a chocolate for you, it’s my birthday today”. Words cannot describe the feeling in my heart at that moment. My face broke into a smile and with a lump in my throat, placing my hand on head  I blurted out, “ Thank you my dear,  a very happy birthday to you. May you live long.” Her eyes shone and the next instant I heard another tiny voice,” it’s my birthday too aunty”. That was her sister also wanting to be wished and blessed. I happily complied, wished and blessed her too. 

The elevator stopped and the doors swished open reminding me that I had reached my destination. I stepped out, turned and bid them goodbye as the doors closed. I looked down at the chocolate they had given me and the name on it left me numb and speechless. It was a ‘Perk’. For those two little ones it was an innocent act but for me it was a divine message and an answer to my prayer. The elevator had taken me to the 5th floor but the 'perk' given by these angels lifted me sky high!!!

This became the turning point in my life wherein  I decided, the mission of my life will be to reach out and 'perk' up the people who have lost faith and no more believe in themselves and  who have nobody to hold their hand and show them the way out. Can you imagine anything more fulfilling than a life where every moment, with whoever you connect for how much ever time, you become the instrument to bring a smile to their lips, cheer to their heart, peace to their mind and spirit to their soul?!!

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