Thursday, 16 October 2014

Invest 50%, Reap 100%

Oh, another one of those!!! Does the above look and feel like just another sales gimmick?   I admit you are right, but partly. Sales yes…gimmick…definitely not! FYI, the product that I’m selling is MAGIC….the magic called you.  Now I know you will ask, you are selling me to me and then you expect me to buy me as well?? That’s absurd!!! If you are asking this question I urge you to relook at what I’m selling….It’s MAGIC!!! 
I don’t know about you, but in times when things didn’t go my way I always wished for an angel to come and swish a wand and set everything right and sometimes I wished I had some supernatural powers like the superheroes to overcome all the hurdles and villains of my life.

I was fond of stories and one story that particularly stirred my emotions was the story of The Musk Deer who was haunted by the fragrance that surrounded it, who desperately kept searching high and low for its source and then one fine day, during his frantic search, fell from the mountain and died, unfulfilled, without realizing the futility of his quest. Initially, I felt how stupid of him not to realize, but suddenly, in an ‘aha’ moment, it struck me - it was not stupidity …it was plain ignorance. And I was overcome with sadness and I thought wistfully, what if someone would have lead him to the simple truth….the truth that what he was so fervently searching outside lay right there, within himself….that would have made his living fulfilling because he had found what he was feverishly looking for. He would have died blissful knowing that his quest for happiness…the source of the sweet fragrance was and will always be with him and nothing in the world could take it away from him. What a feeling that would be!!! The knowing that nobody has the power to snatch your happiness because it is within you….my heart fills with euphoria just with the thought!!

The key to make this eternal quest for happiness easy and fruitful is to find a friend who without judgement can accept you and love you for who you are and lead you to the happiness that you want. Who does not only give empty advise but walks with you through the burning sands of desolation, understands your fear and the pain  of burning feet, holds your hand when you stumble and  is in a fair and square 50% partnership with you to take you to the final destination…the oasis of empowerment and happiness.

This is a transaction where you invest only  50% but reap 100%. Because, I’m going to invest the other 50%. 50 plus 50 equals hundred and that is the universal law no math genius can refute. 

I invite you to be the musk deer and the doe who finds the fragrance and lives to enjoy it to the fullest. I invite you to hold my hand, walk with me and discover ‘The Magic of Being You’.

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