I can definitely say that I'd highly recommend Mrs. Kavita Rathod as a Coach to anyone. She was critical in dissecting the insights to be able to develop a new platform to bring an overall new perception to grow my strength from my current space. Additionally, her innate talent and expertise to easily draw me out of my limiting beliefs as she gave me plenty strategies to notice and observe my self-defeating patterns and how I can rise above and eject my own sabotaging beliefs. Her coaching was extremely valuable in my development and also developing and improving my communications strategy which had been my biggest block for being recognized for what and who I am. Overall, I really enjoyed working with her. She so playfully and joyfully helped me to create great Goals and helped me to form my own strategies to attain realistic success. Her joyous laughter and sense of humor makes it all fun and play.
-Sunithha C Bose. Business Entrepreneur

You helped me to get out of my negative patterns and behaviors. You use different types of method every time that makes me feel more curious about what will come from you. I heartily appreciate your attentiveness and 100% focus while taking session.  I will always be grateful for helping me to improve my relationship with my family. I always feel energized while meeting you, your enthusiasm and ability to listen quietly makes me your fan.

-Jayant Pawar-Wellness Coach

……I think Kavita's victory in this is that I have very little to say about her as such in this testimonial coz that is what she is--the whole process. She is almost non-existent as herself. She creates an atmosphere where it's just you and your thoughts & almost becomes invisible around you, yet, showing you the way & serving the purpose. She is just a force which will help you see things as they are, accept them the way they are & move on with life with a smile. Once you meet her, you'll know that it's not that difficult really. And also that it's all within you.

-Ashwini Kulkarni-Writer & Media Professional

Recommendations from Linked in—

"I worked for a brief period with Kavita at Karrox Technologies and I am extremely happy to have associated with her. She was my first trainer who coached me on Accent training and I have to say, she is fantastic!!

One of the kindest souls that I have ever come across and undoubtedly one of the best Trainers I have ever met. Extremely creative and very intuitive
-Vanessa Pereira- Founder & Chief Catalyst at Where's The Box

"Kavita is a very very good trainer. I would recommend her without a second thought"

-Viral Shah- C.E.O at Bracialeto

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