Group Havens

Have you tried numerous ways to reduce your stress but have found no relief? Are you facing a physical or emotional issue? Is your personal or professional life in doldrums? Does life seem complicated and confusing? All you need to heal and enliven yourself is our unique ‘Tap Away Your Troubles’ group sessions where you will tap away your blues using the extremely effective Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT). This potent but simple technique will help you focus and rearrange your life and see the problem in a whole new light. It may not even appear like a problem anymore. Whether it’s a simple issue like wanting to lose weight or a serious one like mending an unhappy relationship, EFT is a process which takes you to the root of the problem and erases it from your system within minutes with guaranteed results.  It’s one of the best for stress management and pain relief. 

Our Group Haven Programs are:

  • Blaster Plaster Emotional Eating – A Program for Ideal Weight Maintenance
  • Turning Distress into Eustress —A Stress Management Program
  • Creating A Commanding Presence – A Program For Building Self-Confidence
  • The Secret Code For Enlivened Relationships – The Key To Living In Harmony
  • From Trauma  To Tranquillity – Releasing Negative Memories And Emotions
  • Diffuse Anger, Infuse Acceptance – A Program For Anger Management
  • Be Your Child’s Best Buddy – Your Path To Collaborative Parenting

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