Kavita Rathod

Kavita Rathod is a Life Enricher and Corporate Aug-Mentor with global accreditation in NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) and Experiential Training. A Master in Literature, Kavita is endowed with a rich aggregate professional experience of well over a score years.

Kavita strongly believes that - Life is not a single road journey but a continuous enlightening expedition of discovering one’s infinite potential. Continuous enhancement of the inner being and outer personality is mandatory to achieve peak performance.

Subsequent to gaining rich experience as a lecturer and a media artist, she stepped into the world of training more than a decade ago. A certified trainer in Experiential Learning, Kavita’s programs are based on the principle, ‘Learning is memorable only if it is delightful.’ She has trained more than 15,000 professionals ranging from middle to top level management spread across various locations and a cross section of diverse industries. She specializes in Life Skills, Behavioural Skills, Soft Skills, Transformational and Experiential Training Programs.

Driven by her strong passion for people and desire to make a difference in their lives, Kavita found her calling –Life Coaching and Therapy. Apart from being internationally accredited in Life Coaching, NLP and EFT, she is also trained in other healing modalities like PSYCH-K, The Journey, Bach Flower Therapy, Heal Your Life-Louise Hay, Access Bars and Quantum Energetics.

Kavita’s signature program, ‘The Magic of Being You’  is an extremely powerful, personalized one-one coaching package customized entirely to the needs and objectives of the coachee. The effective 4-step process conceived by her ensures real results in terms of enabling individuals to turn their vision into reality and actually living a life of their dreams.

‘Group Havens’ , another of Kavita’s creations, is a unique set of sessions for groups in which she facilitates physical, mental and emotional well-being using the very powerful yet simple Emotional Freedom Technique or popularly known as the Tapping Technique. These sessions are devised and conducted in a manner that every individual in the group gains an advantage through the process of ‘borrowing benefits’  which helps in uncovering the root cause of the problem and eliminating it using the collective positive energy of the group.

Kavita’s ambition and constant endeavour is to empower individuals to discover their latent excellence and use it to achieve happiness, success, overall well-being and satisfaction.

Her Vision - A World of Humans Basking On The Highest Plane Of A Fulfilling Life

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