Pure Persona

Haven’t we all, at some point in our lives, thought –Why is this happening to me? What should I do now? How will I overcome this problem? What is my purpose here? Who am I? Can you recall the time in your life when you felt truly happy and free? You would, in all probability, go back in time when you were a child, free to be the way you wanted to. No expectations, no rules, no targets. Life was all about love which was unconditional, warm and free flowing. You were protected and taken care of. It was the most wonderful time when you were loved just for one reason-for being ‘you’. 

What happened as we grew older? Why doesn't life seem as easy as we thought it would be? FEAR!!!! We can all see how fear is destroying the individual today, fear of not having enough, fear of not being good enough. Fear is sucking the life out of us. We are unconsciously taking on different personas to gain love, appreciation and most of all acceptance. We do not portray our true selves to the world for various reasons like fear of ridicule or rejection, societal pressures or just our age-old conditioning. This is what causes stress, inner turmoil and all subsequent problems. 

‘Persona’ is the mask or fa├žade presented to satisfy the demands of the situation and ‘Person’ is the pure person or the inner personality of a human being. The wider the gap between the two the greater the turmoil.

“What if you could discover your true persona AND portray the same to people. What if you could unload the burden of pretense and celebrate every moment of your life with the magic of being ‘you’? This thought is the cornerstone of Kavita Rathod’s ‘Pure Persona’.

If you are seeking happiness and peace of mind in your journey of life, ‘Pure Persona’ will surely help you find your way. ‘Pure Persona’ will hold your hand and walk you through at a point in your life that you need it the most. Have you noticed that sharing your problems with strangers is easier than sharing them with people you know? It’s almost like being in a confession box where you feel you’re being heard yet no body will know. ‘Pure Persona’ truly cares to listen to you and guide the way to your own pure being. 

‘Pure Persona’ will be what you want it to be for you. An invisible energy force which will help you become your own voice and seek yourself before you seek anything else. Its mission is to take you into an enthralling world where you will create your life with your choices. This, of course, is only for people who actually want to transition from the world of self-limiting beliefs to a realm of limitless possibilities. 

‘Pure Persona’ promises to bring in your life, balance and harmony, where challenges are but opportunities that take you a step closer to the life of your dreams. The question to ask here is- Are you one, who only dreams of having true freedom and success or the one who has the success and freedom that others only dream of?

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